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Print media is a critical part of any business’s marketing mix. It remains a cost-effective and proven method to build awareness and drive sales. New printing technologies are making print media more affordable and often with a quicker turnaround time. Here are four reasons to market and grow your business with print media:

1. People like the Realness of Print

Both digital and print marketing rely heavily on sight. But print marketing adds a sensory aspect that digital, for example, cant match. Although both are visual, print is more memorable. People tend to slow down when they have something tangible in their hands, like a brochure, catalog, or flyer. In particular, direct mail can make a big impression on consumers. It also stays around longer. 

2. Print Readers Pay Attention Longer

On mobile and social media, people often scan rather than engage with the content. There is so much of it! Often, we want to get to the point of the ad or article and then swipe away. The word “clickbait” became well know because online marketers were making content that enticed users to follow links deceptively. Print readers are often not in a hurry, making them much more receptive and thoughtful about reading and more likely to read the entire piece. 

3. It Diversifies Your Marketing

Everyone is different. There are many generations among us. In some ways, the craft of print grabs the interest of younger generations. And older generations are accustomed to it and very receptive to it. Overall, people differ significantly in the types of media they notice. Creating a variety of branded print pieces is similar to appearing in multiple places online. The only caveat: make sure that you keep your logo, design, and message consistent across all of your print.

4. There are Many Options

Diversity is one of the top benefits of print media. With all of the options available, it’s possible to create the perfect mix for any business needs or industry. Some of the options include the following ads in newspapers, direct-mail, brochures, coupon campaigns, printed newsletters, postcards, and business cards.