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With so many ways to creatively market your business nowadays, we sometimes forget that the best results can come from traditional marketing. It can even be an advantage that others may have overlooked these time tested methods! One of these is the A-frame sign. In addition to potentially having a massive return-on-investment over time, they are also affordable, portable, and easy-to-store. Here are four tips to help you get the most from your A-frame design. 

Be Bold with Your Lettering 

Think about what will grab your customer’s attention and then put that at the top of the sign. A supporting message most likely won’t be read at first glance but can be placed below your headline. Overall, think about what makes your store special when compared to your competitors. That could be a better price, a special offer, or some unique offerings.  

Have a Clear Message 

Your sign’s message itself has to have an exact meaning to your readers. If your message is confusing or isn’t compelling, your readers won’t be as likely to stop in to browse or to ask for more clarification. As a guide, one technique in the billboard industry is to keep your main message under seven words. If your message is longer, consider breaking that down into several messages for different printed displays. 

Brand a Shared Area as Your Own

Custom A-frames have the power to visually claim and brand a common outdoor area or sidewalk as your own, increasing your exposure to otherwise distracted passers-by. They can also add visual appeal to your storefront. Few other mediums can do this as easily! Make sure to use the same colors and fonts you use with your existing brand to make the most of this opportunity. 

Rotate Promotions and Specials

A-frame printing allows you to create a series of custom, interchangeable messages to display. The novelty of having new items will naturally generate more interest in the sign, helping to keep regular passers-by current and engaged. If they pass by enough times, people will often check it to see what’s new every time, out of a newly formed habit!

Ready to Order Your A-Frame?

Our A-Frame signs are equipped with tabs that allow signs to easily slide in and out and ensure signs stay securely in place. Lose a sign or need to replace your message? You can order replacement signs as well. The sign frames are made out of durable plastic, so they are perfect for displaying your signage outdoors. You can also fill the stand with sand to add even more stability. Great for when used for parking, real estate, election, and yard signs.

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