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Direct mail has been around for decades, and it’s shown to be highly effective. But does it still work? Is it still effective? The short answer that is backed by research is yes. In addition to yard signs and other forms of traditional marketing, they have some distinct advantages. So if you are looking to advertise a store opening around Wichita, a new product, or an upcoming sale, consider direct mail for the following reasons:

1. Millennials Trust It

The Millennial generation, or those between the ages of 24 to 39 in 2020, may trust direct mail even more than other generations. Because this age group didn’t grow up with it, they don’t associate it with “junk mail” like older generations. Many companies that make products specifically for millennials are embracing direct mail

2. Works Great Along with Email 

Although email marketing and direct mail get similar open and response rates, a study done in 2018 found that direct mail generates up to five times the purchases of email campaigns. The study also found that the best results came when both email and standard mail were used together, with a return six times larger than email alone.

3. It’s Shareable

Unlike email that goes out to only one person, direct mail goes to an entire household. And since many purchasing decisions are discussed and made at home, physical mail gives people a reason to talk about the offer with other members of the household. 

4. It has a Long Lifespan 

Direct mail has a longer lifespan than many forms of marketing – especially when compared to digital methods. While an email may have a lifespan of just a few seconds in some cases, findings have shown that direct mail can last up to 17 days. 

And when postcards and mailers use our Stick™ feature, they may last even longer!

5. Mailings can be Highly Targeted

There are several ways that direct mail can be highly targeted to your ideal prospect. It may make the most sense to target your mail to consumers who already have an interest in your product or service. It’s been shown that direct mail can drive purchases for an unknown brand, but it’s even more likely that consumers will purchase from a business they have bought from in the past. Otherwise, you can also target based on consumer demographics, which can be highly effective as well. 

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