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Door hanger marketing is a proven method for small-business advertising. They are an extremely cost-effective way to get the word out about your business.

Here we’ll share six tips to help increase response rates for your next door hanger distribution:

1. Set Your Goals

You know that you’ll want to target your ideal customer. But beyond that, you’ll need to set some goals. Door hangers are a great way to get out into the community and create a demand for your business while also being very cost-effective. It’s best to set a clear goal for your initial and seasonal or ongoing campaigns. For example, you might want to get a 5% or higher response rate from distributing 1,000 flyers. By creating a measurable goal before you start, you’ll be able to tell if your campaign was a success. It also helps to identify what worked and what didn’t for better planning in the future. 

2. Research the Demographics

Before getting started with a door hanger campaign, you should consider your ideal customer base. Some upfront research can boost the effectiveness of a door hanger campaign. By creating what is known as a marketing persona, you can build one or more customer profiles to help determine which neighborhoods or areas you’d like to distribute in. As an example, it’s unlikely that you would want to offer lawn or some kinds of home services in an area with mostly apartments and rentals. To get the best results, focus on the types of neighborhoods that most need your products or service.

3. Keep Designs Effective and Simple

Keep in mind that people read very quickly – and sometimes even discard door hangers. Door hangers that include a coupon or other features can keep your door hangers around much longer! Also, try not to promote more than one offer or benefit per hanger. By adding a coupon, compelling copy, and a great call-to-action, you will see an increase in your response rates. 

4. Choose the Right Printer

You should consider a few things when choosing the printer you’ll go with. While there are several printers in the Wichita area, for example, by bundling your printing with one trusted advisor, you can keep your branding and look very consistent. You’ll also want to consider the turnaround time – to make sure that you’ll get your door hangers and distribution done on time! Finally, will your door hanger withstand high winds and not blow into the yards? Our Band-It door hanger is a perfect example of withstanding high winds – Dorothy herself even approves!

5. Know When to Distribute 

One of the most critical aspects of the success of your campaign is the time you distribute. You might think of it as the single most crucial factor in success! Even the changes from one week to the next could mean a massive difference in your results if, for example, there is a major upcoming holiday. Seasonality may also play a role. And since many consumers make a budget and schedule accordingly, it’s helpful if they have some time to prepare your offer. Depending on your offer, that could be a week or more beforehand. 

6. Track Responses

Finally, without any way to track responses, you won’t know with any accuracy if your door hangers were a hit – or if there is some room for improvement. To help track responses, you may want to create a dedicated phone line for the campaign. Or you would also set up a unique code per offer or an individual web page to visit. Doing things like this can help you to see if you’ve hit the goals you were hoping for, or if you need to make some enhancements to your next campaign. 

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