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One of the most tried and trusted methods for building and reinforcing your company’s brand is print advertising and materials. The main reason is apparent: printed materials will stay in front of your customers for potentially long periods when compared to other strategies, like TV, radio, and digital. It can be hard to know where to start, though. What are the best ways to brand your business with print marketing? Here are some basics to get you started with a well-rounded campaign to grow and establish your brand. 

Find Your Brand Essence and Commit to it

After you’ve defined what sets you apart as a business, start to create the essence of your brand. Define what the feeling and attitude of your brand is. Is it whimsical or serious? More data-driven or emotional? After you’ve decided on it, whatever you do, keep the tone and attitude consistent across all platforms, including print. So your logo, colors, taglines, and fonts should be standardized to avoid mixed messages when crafting your brand. 

Selecting Your Print Materials

The following are four areas of focus to help you get started:

1. Corporate Identity

The foremost thing that you need to address is to standardize your overall communications with customers – and even employees. Once again, your logo, tagline, and essential contact information should be carefully developed and established.  

When you are establishing your brand – or even rebranding your business – here are some essential items that you will need to develop for print:

2. Direct Mail

It’s an exciting time once you have your brand ready to go! So it’s a great opportunity to let your customers and prospects know with a direct mail campaign using postcards, flyers, or brochures to establish your brand with the public more fully.  

3. Signs and Banners 

You can promote your brand even more with signs and banners. Since your logo is a centerpiece of your brand, make sure you include it on everything. Signs and banners are a perfect way to help spread the news, in addition to direct mail campaigns.  

4. Other Print Mediums 

A shortlist of other print marketing materials that you may want to include are:  

Overall, keep in mind that a variety of print materials and advertisements together are the most effective!