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Why should you invest in a custom indoor or outdoor banner for your business? In a word: attention. Even in a world of personalized marketing options, a banner is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the word out about your business. And when used outdoors, they can catch the eye of potential customers. With some planning and a few things to keep in mind, you can get the banner you need to promote your business.

The Placement of Your Banner

Its location will determine your sign’s color, material, and messaging. Will it be displayed at an outdoor event, like a farmers market or sporting event? Or will it be at your shop’s door or in a window display?

Next, depending on the placement, think about what your audience will be doing when they see your banner. Are they walking by, in your store, or driving by? And how far away are they from the sign? All of these factors can affect the size of the banner, whether it will go horizontal or vertical, how many words you can use, and the font size.

You’ll also want to consider what is going on beside and behind the banner. You’ll want the banner to “pop” against the background and stand out in general against its surroundings. 

Write the Right Copy

Decide on the one thing you want people to do once they see your banner (we know it’s tough, but creating your sign will be so much easier if you can pick just one thing). If you’re clear about the banner’s purpose, it will come across to your audience.

First, select the best call-to-action for your banner. What is the essential thing that you would like the viewer to do? For example, you might want them to come into your shop to sample one of your products. Or, you may want them to be aware of your shop’s sale that’s going on. Accordingly, you’ll want to use as few words as is reasonably possible, so that your message is clear and stands out. 

The order of your message is important too. Even though it might seem obvious, make sure to give prominence to your key points and information. Make sure that the things that need to be understood at a glance are at the top. This can be accomplished with font size and placement, 

Put It All Together

When you know where the banner will go, and what you want it to say, you’re ready to add the colors and fonts you need to your banner.

Depending on the environment and your brand, you can select fonts that make sense with what you are offering. Either more playful or formal. It’s also essential to think about the colors you want to use in your banner. Of course, stick with your brand colors in your design, but also consider the need to “pop” against your banner background. 

Ready for Your New Banner?

Adeas in Wichita offers a variety of banners and signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

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