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An essential part of any marketing campaign is a developed Unique Selling Proposition or USP. This is simply a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to your ideal market. At its core, it answers how your business can benefit your customers in a way that no one else can. Your USP can provide you with a tremendous amount of clarity to your business overall as well. It can encompass your business’s most fundamental goals in just a few sentences. Successful USPs should be in some way, incorporated in nearly all of your marketing activities, including digital and printed. So with that in mind, understanding why a USP so valuable, here are four tips to help you get started:

1: Define Your Target Audience

You need to know who you are targeting first, and in this step, you will want to be as specific as possible. For example, suppose you are an accountant with particular expertise. You will want to target the client most likely to benefit from that service, instead of merely focusing on every business that needs an accountant. 

2: Explain the Problem You Solve

To answer this, look at things through your customer’s perspective. What is the individual need or challenge they face that your business can solve for them? It can be helpful to go back through all of the clients that you’ve helped in the past, looking for trends to help you uncover solutions you may have never even realized that you offer.  

Step 3: List Your Distinctive Benefits

List several of the most significant benefits a client gets from choosing to work with you that they could not get from someone else. This should explain why they would choose you over another provider with a unique set of features, services, or benefits. 

Step 4: Define Your Promise

This final step is a pledge that you are making to your clients. You will want to write down this promise you’ll make to your clients in this step, although it can be implied instead of spelled out in your final USP. Ultimately, you’ll take all of the information you listed and combine it into about one paragraph. It’s possible to arrive at making it into just one step even. You may want to make it as simple as possible.